About Us

Dr Caitriona Noonan

I’m a media and television scholar working at the School of Journalism, Media and Culture (JOMEC), Cardiff University. My research interests are on cultures of television production and creative identity and along with this project I’m also researching the experiences of those producing television drama outside of London.

I’ve published in journals such as the Journal of Popular TelevisionInternational Journal of Cultural Policy, Media History and the European Journal of Cultural Studies and I have co-edited a collection on Cultural Work and Higher Education (2013, Palgrave Macmillan). More details on my academic background and specialist interests can be found here.

My interest in arts television and radio developed after my PhD, which critically examined the production of religious broadcasting in the UK.  In this research I was struck by the shifting production cultures and evolving public service commitments and the ways these combined to create a professional atmosphere in which programmes exploring the socio-political elements of religion were difficult to sustain, especially on television. This led me to think about other niche genres like arts which are doubly tasked with serving the interests of increasingly fragmented audiences, while also delivering on broadcasting’s social responsibility. In 2012 as part of its centenary celebration the University of Glamorgan (now University of South Wales) funded a PhD scholarship to support this research and Amy joined me to do this exciting and significant research.

Email: NoonanC@Cardiff.ac.uk

Amy Genders

I’m a PhD candidate at the University of South Wales, funded by the university’s centenary scholarship. My current research is primarily concerned with the future of arts broadcasting on the BBC within the context of an evolving digital media landscape, and how this in turn reflects wider shifts in approaches to public service broadcasting within an increasingly competitive market.

My initial interest in this area of study began after completing my MA by Research, which examined how television fans form online communities through social media. In particular, I was interested in exploring in further detail the ways in which broadcasting is adapting to this new media landscape from the perspective of those who create the content and the institutions they work within.

I also run the blog Arts on Television which features reviews of arts programmes, analysis of news and articles related to arts broadcasting and updates on my own research and progress with this study. If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback for the blog please get in touch.