Research Toolkit

This part of the site includes details of all our methods including: our reflections on television production research, our ethical statement and relevant resources for other researchers.

Ethical Statement

As researchers we are committed to upholding the ethical integrity of our research. To that end we have adopted the six key principles set out in the ESRC Framework for Research Ethics. In this we are committed to the following:

    • We will ensure the quality and integrity of our research through careful design of the research objectives and by the regular review of the project processes and outcomes. We also conduct this research in accordance with the ethical procedures and guidelines outlined by both Cardiff University and the University of South Wales.
    • We will seek informed consent. A sample of our consent form for all participants on this project can be viewed here.
    • We will respect the confidentiality and anonymity of your research respondents. The information supplied to us will be entered into a secure system and will only be accessed by authorised persons of Cardiff University and the University of South Wales. Information will only be used for the purpose of research and not for commercial or profit-making use. The information is processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.
    • We will ensure that our participants will voluntarily participate in our study. All participants will be invited to contribute and to complete a consent form prior to their involvement in the project.
    • We will avoid physical, professional and emotional harm to our participants. No one will be harmed in the making of this research! Both researchers will continue to develop their research skills to ensure a constructive experience for all participants.
    • We will ensure that the research is independent and impartial. This research does not receive funding from any external source. Both members of the research team have received funding through their respective universities to cover limited research costs such as travel. Neither of the research team have any conflicts of interest to declare.